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About Me


I have no further career objectives, with the exception of my recent pursuit of writing. And I have some inventions to work with; I have several ideas filling a notebook. Wish I had my own 3D printer, but good thing the local library has a printer. It just takes coordination and time. I’m really good at ideas, but not good at the details. For example, many years ago I thought of travelling without moving by expanding space behind a spacecraft and compressing space in front, but I had no math with which to express myself. And several years later the Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre made it a theoretical possibility. Now folks are saying it was the same thing as Roddenberry’s warp drive. How about that? But I have other examples of things that I have ideas of, but just can’t seem to get out to reality. However, checkout my Blog page regarding towing the Earth, that’s a neat idea I think. Well, I vow to make a few of them real. I do plan on going to graduate school soon in Dallas at SMU starting with a Masters in Liberal Arts that is focused in Pantheism. That’s the fun of life!


Batch Mainframe Production Scheduler
Computer Sciences Corporation

November 1998 – December 2003 (5 years 2 months)
Technology Management Group
Great company and great people with which to work.

Sr. Chemistry & Environmental Technician
Luminant Generation


Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station

October 1981 – December 1992 (11 years 3 months)


At the time that I was employed at Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, I think the owners were called TU Electric, actually wikis say that didn’t happen until 1984. Whatever, the names seemed to change fast over the years. The work was good and the experience good. I wrote many of the chemistry department’s laboratory procedures based on revised NRC requirements. Developed procedure for chromatography instrument to be used in Secondary Lab. Worked in the Environmental Department retrieving air, water, soil, and organic samples for analysis.


Machinist Mate 2nd Class/ E-5
US Navy San Diego, CA; USS Plunger (SSN-595)


June 1973 – July 1977 (4 years 2 months – Vietnam era service)

Submarine service: onboard ship main engine, auxiliary equipment, chemistry and environmental analysis. Here is a photo of the Plunger: I was on the boat when the photo was taken.


Volunteer Experience Causes
  • Volunteer carpenter
  • Trinity Habitat for Humanity
  • Economic Empowerment
My Barn and Meager Carpenter Skills


Although my dad was a professional carpenter before retirement, I’m not very good at carpentry. However, I did volunteer work for awhile to help other folks get a home.



When I moved into the home I occupy now I built a small barn structure to be a small workshop and storage building for the lawnmowers, etc., but at first I did get help with the concrete and a friend helped with the first four stud walls.

2013-05-16 10.36.00

Then, a few years later an electrical storm hit.  A bolt of lightning hit the barn and blew a hole in the front and a hole in the concrete floor, as well as the electrical line back to the house breaker box and blew that off the brick outside wall, whew.  The whole electrical line underground had just exploded-bits of plastic conduit had been thrown everywhere. Oh, P.S. The electrical line was grounded; didn’t help on this occasion. On the rebuild, I had the electrician ground the line 2X, once at the panel and again at the barn.

2013-07-02 12.37.30

After it was all said and done with the help of a contractor I got what the picture shows. No, I’m not much of a carpenter, and it was hard to do, to build my barn, especially getting those Gambrel angles correct. Now there are whole websites that tell you what to do.


Opportunities & Topics I Care About


  • Human Rights
  • Animal Welfare
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Environment
  • Politics
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology


Organizations I Support

  • American Red Cross DFW
  • Tarrant Area Food Bank
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County – Yes, they’re Christian, but first they take care of people.
  • Trinity Habitat for Humanity



I lean heavily Progressive, but I DO NOT support abortion, not from a religious point of view, but from a need of a continuation of life. Also, being Progressive in Texas, I realize that is a tenuous position, but I just cannot vote GOP, in my mind it is almost treasonous.  There is an undercurrent of distrust among many citizens; half the population, roughly. That distrust is due to revelation that much of the far right of the GOP (and that is growing) is being bought by the Koch brothers and a few other billionaires with conservative leanings. Actually not just conservative leanings, they are libertarian ideologues. They have stated goals of dismantling America as we have known it for the last 80 years. They want to remake all laws to help them and reduce laws that help the middle class and poor. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to have more money than I already have: I’m better off than some, but it is the culture of the Conservatives that I’m against.  Many of these types don’t even believe in Global Warming whether man-made or not or much of science at all.  Most are evangelical Christian, which is a big problem for this planet as they think that their god will destroy it soon. They are in for a really sad surprise.  And some of them don’t even know how old the Earth is as they claim it is only about 6000 years old.  That’s not religion, it’s stupidity.  And once I worked with a fellow that tried to argue with me that evolution wasn’t real, that it was just a theory.  Well folks, it’s long past being a theory, it’s been proven.  So, that’s another reason why I’m Progressive, many people that are Republican, vote that way because they identify as Conservative Christian and that religion is wrong for America-America was not founded as a Christian Nation regardless of the silly squawkers that say it was; they know nothing. For the life of me I do not know why a person that has a right mind would vote GOP.


Let me begin with a caveat. I am a former Christian, my soon to be ex-wife is a cradle Catholic, her entire family is Catholic, I even converted to Catholicism when I married. I need to go to the Diocese and tell them to Excommunicate me because I chose to follow Giordano Bruno and become a Pantheist.  At least they can’t burn me. Update from July, 2016: I did send a letter to the Catholic Church Diocese. On another note, a recent marriage into the ex-wife’s family converted from Atheism to Catholicism – the new bride told me something interesting; there is a very high percentage of citizens in Turkey, where she is from originally, that are Atheist. Actually she is a Turk that moved to Sweden that moved to the US, but the comment is the same. I have a lot of my own family members that are non-Catholic Christians: you know those pesky Protestants (everybody is protesting something somewhere); so let’s say that a preponderance of “Believers” surrounds me. Therefore, I do not wish to hurt my families’ feelings by disparaging their faith, but at the same time and foremost I will be who I am and I fully expect my family to accept me. If they don’t, it is their failing and not mine. I am a Pantheist and a religion with a personal deity and the paranormal, superstitious trappings that surround Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and many others are to me, Pagan.

As a background, as a young child and teenager I was nothing, I had no affiliation. I knew nothing of religion. My brother who is a bit older became a Christian, introduced me to Christianity and I started to go to church, I think half out of respect for my brother.

While in high school, I soon started going to the Methodist church and enjoying the services ending up helping the Pastor by doing everything in the pulpit except give the sermon, but when I went to University I went to the church my brother had started going to, a large baptist church. It turned out I didn’t really like that style of church. However, my background in college ended up being in religion. However, perhaps because I was able to read too much, reading between the lines so to speak instead of just taking the word from a smiling pastor, I soon lost more of my faith in church, but strangely not in religion which seems to be something people need.  It seems that right now people are in the throes of bad religions.

I have been seeing a car about our small town, the car has an acerbic sign relating to “going to hell without Jesus” meme.  Well, I came across the driver at the local post office the other day.  Let me warn you, I am going to be judgmental; he was grossly fat, could barely waddle.  Not wanting to just assume that he was the driver, I asked him bluntly and he replied, “yes”.  I asked him are you trying to get there (heaven) sooner?  He replied in a matter of fact expression, “can’t wait to get there.” You know, nobody knows what will kill us or when, but he was killing his chances of a healthy longer life and that is definitely not natural; that’s using bad religion horribly and very dangerous.  Also, my big guess he was probably an eschatologist, a person waiting for the end of the world. My eyes roll when I come across these people.  This is an easy guess, because so many smiling preachers tell their congregations just such a myth which leads all those people to think it’s okay to trash this world because some invisible god is going to make a new one. Such fricking rubbish.

P.S. I don’t see that man anymore in town. It’s been about a year. Perhaps he moved, but considering his condition when I saw him, I doubt it, bless him.

I became disillusioned but continued for a long while with my faith. I guess the biggest thing I noticed was the disparity between the “word” and supposed action or promise of god. So many people just rationalized the failure of god by lack of faith or not enough prayer, even the TV pastors would say people didn’t give enough money; I stopped rationalizing and started giving up on god as I knew god. Of course this is a brief story of a long journey with two marriages many prayers, lots of crying, converting to Catholicism and somehow thinking I was an atheist, but all along knowing that everyone everywhere says Mother Nature & God almost in the same sentence without a second thought.


So here I am wanting to have an understanding of a god that is Nature, but I don’t want anything to do with a personal, loving Abrahamic tradition type god.  If people were truly honest with themselves, quietly honest; if they could isolate themselves for a bit from the smiling “do-good religious” people that seem to be trying to sell something, they would know that god just doesn’t exist.

Let me put in another caveat, there are some, perhaps many kind and loving religious people that do good deeds and deal with their lives with what they call faith in god and prayer.  I love the people that go to their churches and have fun and do community things and genuinely do great and high moral things and do amazing things with their lives; I know wonderful people like that and they are my friends.  However the same kind of moral highness is available to all humanity without a faith; I have seen it. To the later, there is no promise of a reward of an afterlife.  Oh, to pry the dogma away from the community would be so uplifting.


Education: Formal, not including Continuing Ed.

Tarrant County College

Associate of Applied Science, Computer Science 1994 – 1996 At Tarrant County College (formerly TCJC) I applied myself to completing a degree of AAS, Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science. Activities and Societies: I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honors program, but it didn’t / doesn’t take much of my time. My GPA at graduation was just above 3.5, but by some technicality it was readjusted to just below 3.5 rounded to 3.5 (never really understood that, ) but the kind folks let me keep the PTK honor.


University of Oklahoma

Bachelor’s degree, Religious and Ethical Studies 1970 – 1980 I started my stint as a student thinking deep down I wanted to be an electrical engineer as my Mother worked in the electronics field and her brother was an electrical engineer, but I found real quick I didn’t have the math chops for it. I cast about for other interests and fell into my other interests of religion as I had been fairly active in my church as a teen; so, I worked into a Religious and Ethics major which is sort of similar to a European Western Philosophy major with comparative religion courses tacked on. Also, I included some fairly high level symbolic logic courses. While attending OU, I interrupted school with a stint in the US Navy and served aboard a Navy nuclear submarine, the USS Plunger, SSN 595. The bulk of school I finished after the Navy.


Interests & Brief Personal Details

My interests include, but not limited to digital photography and photo processing, formerly-private piloting of small aircraft, personal computer building, programming, website design, reading, foreign and domestic travel, and most recently plot and story line development for a Sci-Fi novel. Also, I presently hold a General Class Amateur Radio Operators license: aiming to soon extend my skill set to Advanced Extra, but that has a lot of math in the test. We’ll see. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, I care for two beautiful young Pembroke Welsh Corgis: they are so much love, if one can quantify it, and fun.

Personal Details
Birthday in 1952
Marital Status: soon to be single; my choice for my health.

Corgis on the Fun